Gems start out rough too

Our business is changing lives, our passion is making beautiful moments.

Kinetic Soul Food helps Appalachian women explore their potential through a combination of workshops and hands-on work experience. Women who work with our company earn a living wage while gaining the experience and knowledge to help them find a better path in life. KSF takes pride in making special things for you and the people you love. Kinetic Soul Food is headquartered in Berea, Kentucky. 

Hand-crafted jewelry

Our jewelry has three goals: wear comfortably, grab compliments and partner in making life better for disadvantaged women in Appalachia. With lots of earthy and vibrant gemstone colors to choose from, you can create custom colors to suit your wardrobe and your moods, or gifts for your favorite friends. Our designs are hypoallergenic and contain no nickel, lead or cadmium. Metals are sourced in the USA. In order to maintain control on quality and metal content, we do our own in-house electroplating. If you order our designs in silver or copper please allow two weeks for shipping. 

Gemscent Skin Care

If you were a gemstone, what would you smell like? Kinetic Soul Food has your answer! Our soaps, lotions and other skincare products are a delicious treat for your skin. They are not over-scented, so you can wear them with confidence in any situation. Our gemstone and geometric-inspired Gemscent scents are intriguing, with just the right whiff of some of your favorite elements and spices. Savor the flavors of the Kinetic Soul Food soap and lotion while knowing your purchase makes a meaningful contribution. Our scents are the perfect hostess gifts for any occasion! Not sure what scent you’d prefer? Select a free 1-oz. sample with any $35 purchase – we’ll even throw in the shipping. (Request at checkout.)

Our Story

We began with the idea that our amazing products would be just the opening chapter of our story, the beginning of a beautiful journey of love, connection and empowerment among women. That journey begins with treating yourself  and your loved ones to our lifestyle products resulting in lifting women in Appalachia from poverty and abuse in an enriched work and training environment, allowing them to rise to their potential. 


Blue for clarity in the new year

This year is the year of calm consideration of what we do, who we are and where we go. Blue reminds us of calm waters and bright skies with opportunity ahead. Our Sodalite gemstone jewelry blends all the good things that blue offers into a tiny but mighty bundle.  Add our Denim and Lace Gemscent products. A fresh and clean crisp floral softened by Sandalwood and musk to celebrate your strengths moving in harmony with the gentle sides of your good soul. 


Join the Club!

Every month you will receive an item selected by one of the women from the New Opportunity School who is working in our program. We will add a short story card about what this special lady has accomplished to your gift so you can celebrate with her.

The cost is $30.00 per month, billed monthly. We will send you a special bonus item in the 6th month as a thank you for joining in with us.

We are doing our inaugural item of the month club jewelry piece with great anticipation for the upcoming holidays. These gorgeous earrings are in the  “GrowMe” collection and this time of year brings up the spectrum of feelings and thoughts about our various relationships. Our wish for you is that this year you grow in all the ways that nourish and celebrate the love and bounty you encounter. Blessings to you and yours and thanks for joining us in our walk here at Kinetic Soul Food.



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