Our Story

Kinetic Soul Food exists thanks to a hand injury and a life journey filled with peaks and valleys that have led to a desire to serve a bigger cause. After working many soul-killing jobs that aggravated traumas gained from a mix of early challenges in life, Nora Swanson started seriously working in the arts after getting a  B.A. in Arts and Humanities Management and Marketing in her late 20’s. Her  creative ideas and a willingness to work hard and learn led to a successful jewelry, gifts and consumables line, today known as Kinetic Soul Food.

“I really believe that when the will is strong enough, one really can move mountains. I want to teach other women how to take a bad hand and turn it into the best thing they dreamed of doing. I want them to feel safe and nurtured while they are doing the very hard work of learning to manage their trauma, change their mindset, values and perhaps even their place in the world.”

Today, the mission of Kinetic Soul food is to teach women how to create their own livelihoods and, ultimately, to create a decently-paid work environment where these women can earn a living wage and heal from past pain in a healthy workplace. When you buy Kinetic Soul Food gifts you help this dream grow stronger. Enjoy our products and think of us when you celebrate the special occasions in life. 

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