Giving Back

Kinetic Soul Food is focused on giving Appalachian women who want and need to get to a better position in life the chance to figure out what fits their heart and soul and a path forward to gaining the skills to get the types jobs that offer a bright future. 

We work with agencies that work with women who want to get the Kinetic Soul Food on the table.

The mission of Kinetic Soul food is to bring a  paid work environment that is relaxing and positive into the places where women who are receiving support from social support agencies are located so they have a way to make money without the usual obstacles that poverty presents.

“I really believe that when the will is strong enough one really can move mountains. I want to teach other women how to take a “bad hand” and turn it into the best thing they dreamed of doing. I want them to feel safe and nurtured while they are doing the very hard work of changing their mindset, values and perhaps even their place in the world.” ~Nora Swanson

Creating a culture that gives back

The mission is to create and nurture a valid sense of safety, peace and a feeling of belonging inherent in the company workplace culture. The hiring priority is to train and place women who participate in Kinetic Soul Food outreach workshops and also referrals from other non-profits in the area that serve women who need this specialized type of vocational track into this work environment.  

 Financial literacy and interpersonal skills development are fostered as well as other potential job and educational avenues are available to try on for size in every facet of what makes the Kinetic Soul Food business run.  

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